Friday, 7 November 2014

How to make Sun Flowers with Clay!!!

Love Sun Flowers. The radiant yellow with that strong brown attracts my attention all the time. They got their uniqueness standing out in Crowd.

These Earrings and Pendant set of Sun Flowers are created with Cold Porcelain from that passion i have for them!
You can try these with Bread Clay as well!

It took 3 days for them to dry completely as it's a bit cold for us here!!

  It's important how you smooth Finish you give them! 

On a Closer look!! The similar way to  Daisies Making
that were the first ones that created the idea of making these!!

Finally they are what I wanted =) 

These are much similar to the way we make Daisies! Just make a single layer of petals slightly thick so that the details can be well seen!! And the center part is just the same like our Daisies!! 

Here check out Daisies video : 
How to make cold porcelain Daisies:

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             Happy Crafting!!!

Make ball then into the flat shape and mark few lines for the embossed effect.

Attach these petals to the base with Glue.

These are daisy clippings so for sunflower this should be in brown colour as Centre part 

Make some straight lines then cross them the other way which 
leaves us with checks

adding colour to clay.

make small balls and start making petals..
that is it..

beautiful sunflowers are here..

I have used 3 yellows in Reeves Acrylic Colours!! 
1. Yellow ochre 

2. Lemon yellow 
3. Medium yellow. 


It isn't a compulsory that you need to use all three, depends on the colour you wanted to have for your Sun Flowers !! 

Happy Crafting!!!


Thank you!! 
Happy Crafting..

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