Sunday, 2 November 2014

How to make cold Porcelain clay - photos - step by step process!!

With this simple video slides that I made, make your own long lasting and easy making Cold Porcelain. Video!!

Cold Porcelain Jewelery set!!!..

All you need 4 things!!
Corn FLour
White Glue
Lemon juice or Cider Vinegar
Baby oil

Take equal quantities of Corn flour and white glue.
2 spoons baby oil
a spoon full of Vinegar.
Mix very well with no lumps left. :D

Mix well and microwave for 15 seconds. 
If your Quantity is very small then microwave for 10 seconds.

Take it out, Mix well and Again microwave for 10 seconds.

Repeat this process until 
your dough starts to form a ball. 
It takes around 5 to 6 intervals. for large amounts and 3 to 4 for small amounts!!

After 5 intervals, it shouldn't stick any more to your bowl. Apply baby oil to your palm and Knead the dough well.
After kneading for 10 minutes, it looks like in first picture and try pulling out like i did. When you pull - it should STRETCH like THIS, like ELASTIC ..


if It didnt and is breaking up then you either over cooked it or you went wrong in measurements and added too much corn flour.

Seal it up in an air tight cover - a cling film or a sandwich bag. Then for safety i covered it with another layer or cover.
Keep it n fridge not in Freezer(dont freeze it) for 24 hrs and then see the magic ;)

After 24hrs take it out and see the smoothness and silkyness of the dough that you will be amazed off and now You are SMILING!!!!! ;)
I know just coz i too did ;) :P

Dont forget to store it in an Air Tight container or else it turns hard very fast!!
And starts to break which turns useless again.

Add color to your prepared clay, oil /Acrylics anything will do! 
Knead in Acrylic Colors as you wish ;) 

Store it in an Air tight Container or else it turns hard very fast.

And create magics with them... Sky is your Limit.. I had an amazing time :DDD

Before you fly or learn to ride a cycle you definitely are gonna trip down atleast once!!! :D
Dont panic or worryif your clay doesnt turn out good as i too failed first time and there is the sample of it :D
We are human after all!!
If your clay breaks instead of stretching then it is gonna crack like this while drying or there will be no use of that Clay.

If you need to have one like this then Be very cautious and alert with loads of patience while making Your clay!!!..

Please feel free to ask any further information :) 
Happy to help..

Happpy Crafting!!!!!!!

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