Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Abstract Bottle art!!

SO cleaning up the mess i found these cuties plain and clean and thought of a different pattern this time. Crazy with paints there's no limit to what can be created and how can it be done.

Dip your fingers in paint and let them dance around the bottle.
Go with your imagination and add colour to your window sill with these simple hand made craft :)

Here is a little clip on how they look :)

Used plain black and white for one and
 added dash of attractive red to another.

Together they make a great pair

I painted these with Acrylics and 
used fingers to dab patterns on them. 

I have given a colour for each finger and created dots then some prints. To have the embossed effect grab more paint and touch gently that's it all it takes is some paint and empty bottle to start colouring...

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