Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Being with YOU is all that matters!!

Accepting YOU and whats with YOU 

Sometimes answering the basic questions is what matters. You heard me right. Basic questions. How often have you answered this one instantly: ‘About You’, ‘few lines about you’ or ‘describe yourself’?

‘Tell us something about you’ 

That triggers you to think!! Oh yes I’m this and that! after a bit of internal conflict to put yourself in words, you find what YOU are, who you are. All this comes up with that one 'Describe YOU'. When its YOU, who needs to describe existent you, then comes out the real YOU.

Once in a while its good to know YOU. Probably for the next week or two you schedule on how YOU wanted to be. Because you like YOU and that is what it matters to build the CONFIDENCE level.

What you think of yourself Only matters compared to what others think of yourself.

How often you do this? Take time with YOU. Talk, have a laugh, appreciate, Criticise, say No, or be Free and Being YOU.

STRESS: As there are n number of things happen on a daily basis every minute that you hardly get time to process understand and respond. They loose their balance as they pile up, which we call STRESS.

'MEDITATE to see Yourself'

Meditation: Take out some time daily to sort those piled up things, which we call MEDITATION, where you let loose your thoughts. Chasing after none, observing them as a third person which enlightens you.

Judge: Go on an idle walk observing things around you, have a Talk on things freely openly as there is no one to judge but you, and you are with the right person for a better YOU. 

Appreciate: Appreciation is the one thing that’s rarely found, appreciating and being appreciated are considered as good old days, which is unacceptable. As individuals we are all unique and special, Very Special. Take time in appreciating YOU. 

Criticise: Also be wise in Criticising and I’m sure When ALONE that’s more often done. You are the best critic of YOU with no other intentions.

Does all this matter at all? Yes, because ultimately its you who needs to be with you, make sure you are Loving caring and pampered. Nobody can do that better than you, for You.

In the end only 3 things matter, How well you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go off things that were not meant for you.

Happiness blooms in you when you start Being Yourself...

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