Wednesday, 21 September 2016

How to make Daisies with Clay!!

After all the random patterns that i made with Cold Porcelain and Bread Clay i felt like i need something Natural ;)

                                            SO here are my DAISIES :)

                                          So here is what i made!!

Yes Daisies..

:) :)

A pair of them...

If you aren't clear of any thing then don't worry here is a video on how i did that !! so go ahead have a quick look!!..

How to make Cold Porcelain Daisies:

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On my blog now!!!

Oh yes Daisiesss.. Made a pair of them and i turned them to earrings!!

I know i know now you wanna know how i made these.. Here you go.. :)

A bit of clay as a base!

Take a litle ball then make it into that shape and 
press a little with you finger and
 then give it a little pattern on leaves with knife.

Start adding those petals to your base that you first made with Glue.

then keep adding petals layer by layer 
till you are satisfied.

Now take a bit of white clay ball and 
add some nice light leaf green and 
good amount of yellow..
Take a little green ball for our centre portion!!

Give horizontal lines like that with knife!!

Now turn and give vertical lines!! they form squares!!..

If you want something simpler for this then use your
 Tea Strainer or press it to your speaker
 for that embossed checks effect!! :)

carefully Press that green centre part to 
your flower which finishes off like this!! :)
So simple.

 If you wanted to use as earrings, pendants, hair clip or anything,
 then glue it accordingly!!

Adjust you petals once you add the centre part!

Keep it aside till it dries up completely.
 possibly 2 or 3 days :) and 
they are ready to show off!!

Thank you..

Happy Crafting!!! 

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