Tuesday, 9 August 2016

My little creations with Cold Porcelain!

It's so true that there are so many kinds of addictions, one such thing is this Craft Making.
Once you get to know the beauty of it, you loose your self in it.
I myself invested countless hours and had wonderful memories with beautiful out comes!!
Ideas come to you rushing and you hardly think of Time... place.. People... =)
It's all in YOU! What to or How to...  Every thing will be answered by you!
You won't believe if I say I had no idea of what to do at the beginning but I decided to give it a start! That's all it takes and here I'm with so much wonderful stuff for myself and many more to come!!!!
Sooo I made this Cold Porcelain!!
So I made this Bread clay and then many beautiful stuff out of it!! Here are some Bread clay Flowers!!

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