Friday, 10 October 2014

Acrylic painted Daisies!!

Here are some daisies!!!
I remember that evening I woke up from my afternoon nap dreaming of some daisies and made this while having my tea!!
Painting is so much fun!
Happy Painting!!

Step 1 – paint a yellow circle:
This is mainly for visual reference, something for you to line up all of the petals around. Don’t try to make it perfectly round.
Step 2 - Base for petals:
You can use a light tan or grey for under painting. Now, if you were painting on a darker background you could skip this step and use the background as your under painting and start by taking a bulk of white paint and give that petal stroke. The point is to have a darker colour that will show under the white petals. so the white looks more muggier.
Step 3 – paint nice bulk coat of white over each petal:
Start with one petal and work your way all around the circle, slightly overlapping each consecutive petal. See how there are little lines or ridges on the petals? Keep those. Don’t smooth them out. They’ll give your daisy some texture.
Again, the white overlaps on to the yellow centre too.

That’s it. Easy-peasy, right?
It doesn’t matter how many petals you have, or even their shapes. Daisies come in so many varieties that you can’t get this wrong. Just have fun!

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