Friday, 10 October 2014

Special Fridge magnets

I always appreciate the effort of others that they take to say or to show how special we are to them. Giving ones favourite Roses or Chocolates brings a smile on your face, but if they take effort in making a nice simple breakfast or light you living room with scented candles or just to write a note and stick it to fridge to say 'thanks honey, house looks sparkling' or such things!
To say you are special I always choose to do some neat hand made stuff, I usually bake a cake with some home made cream or cook something delicious though it's hard to do or make something like this, which stands on his office table ;)

I made these fridge magnets with homemade clay and they took real time and effort as they very minute and contain very keen work which I enjoyed doing them and he was overwhelmed with joy!!!

Happy Crafting!!

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