Friday, 10 October 2014


My best pass time, I always make sure to carry my Sketch Book and a HB pencil!!

They make wonders!
Few of mine are here!

Happy Sketching!!!

with a touch of metallic silver and gold! 
With out Metallic! 

My Favorite mehendi design!! 

I drew this sitting in the same place, Pushkarghat, Godavari !! 

Inspired by a lady standing there at, Pushkarghat, Godavari!! 
While tidying up my place I found this old calender with so much of empty white slot, you can imagine what all I thought!! 
So I filled it up!! 

I'm not really very good with Stilllife painting/drawing as a trail, from my kitchen!! 

Some floral patterns for Own handmade cards, Mehendhi designs, for fabric work let it flow!! 

Another one here, I laminated these and made many cards of such patterns!! Love these!! 

These goldies are an inspiration from my Mother's Garden!! Love these!! They are so lovely we painting a saree out of it! =) 

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