Thursday, 16 October 2014

My Beautiful Roses! (bread clay)

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I'm getting too much into these Roses that I hardly can say ENOUGH to myself! After these I'm afraid I'll never say that! ;)
I made these BeautifulRoses with BreadClay!! I used skewers and some Glue that is all you need!! Wait, may be some more patience and time too..
See some more, of my Roses here - MoreRoses!!

Happy Crafting!!

I started to make nice baby pink pink ones but after a couple of them I couldn't resist, so jumped on to the Red ones which stood out of 3, and is my favorite now!! 

This one is the eldest, next comes my Red one and then is the little boy standing to that corner there!! Shy type ;) 

Sisters together!! 

The Eldest and The wise!! 

Middle, The Modest and Thee Trendy!! 

Last but neva least, The Little Guy!! Shy Type! ;) 

Gotta assemble these Cutie buds!
Roses neva stand alone they look Brilliant with a group!

On a closer look!! Got some leaves in background!! 

Finally they met others, a Get Together !! 
 They took their place, showed their charm!! =D

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